Big Demand! Expel Retired People from Film Chamber & MAA Bodies

Fri 05th Jun 2020 07:43 AM

Expel Retired People from Film Chamber & MAA Bodies

Expel Retired People from Film Chamber & MAA Bodies
Expel Retired People from Film Chamber & MAA Bodies
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For the past couple of years, movie lovers have been demanding cine celebs to expel the retired/jobless personnel from the secretarial bodies of Film Chamber, MAA and other departments connected to film industry. They have authentic reasons to initiate this demand to the film personalities. Following are the reasons cited by cine lovers for their demand. 

* Retired/Jobless people have natural jealousy on crazy celebs who are busy at their work. Since they have no work to do, retired actors and technicians indulge in useless plots against the crazy celebs.

* Most of these retired people are said to be casteists.

* Some retired people involve in useless debates in TV channels. A baldhead wala is known for his childish arguments in TV channels.

* Retired/Jobless people take every controversy as granted and desperately try to appear in front of the media to cry on top celebs. Recently, a jealous actor cried on legendary personalities in the industry. Retired/Jobless people were raved with the controversy and expressed their useless views on media houses.

* Sanna Kumar, Potti Kumar, director Pooja (all names changed) are said to be some of the retired people who run spoiled conspiracies in the industry.


* Hardworking people never run dirty politics to harm others.

* They don't script useless strategies to malign others.

* Besides, hardworking people stand inspiration for many others.

BOTTOMLINE: Retired people can be members of respective departments. But then, they shouldn't join the secretarial bodies of respective departments.

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