Balakrishna Skips Real Estate & Nagababu Issue

Mon 01st Jun 2020 09:37 PM

Balakrishna Skips Real Estate and Nagababu Issue

Balakrishna Skips Real Estate & Nagababu Issue
Balakrishna Skips Real Estate & Nagababu Issue

Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna gave an interview to a Nandamuri biased Youtube channel on Monday. In this one hour long interview, Balakrshna shared many interesting things including recent controversies connected to him.

However, Balakrishna skipped his real estate comments and Mega Brother Nagabbau's anger issues in the interviews. However, he posed some fresh questions to industry people. He asked them why haste to restart film shoots in corona crisis? What happened to those funds which were collected for MAA building etc. Following are the excerpts of his speech. 

* Like my nannagaru, I also wake up at 3:30 in the morning. I do workouts, daily routine and then 3 hours puja then.

* I'm habituated to watch my father's films daily. Even if I attend my films' shoots, I prefer watching my father's films for 10 minutes in the least case.

* I don't like hypocrisy and sycophancy.

* I lent my voice for a song recently and it will be released in social media within one week.

* I have just Boyapati's film in hands.

* We are the highest tax paying industry to Telangana government. Why shouldn't industry people seek one or two acres of land from the government? Chiranjeevi garu and others participated in cultural programmes in the US and collected Rs.5 crore. But then, MAA spent only Rs.1 crore. What happened to the rest of 4 crore?

* While questioned about Balakrishna's real estate comments, Balakrishna stayed silent without uttering even a single word. When the anchor questioned about his reaction on Nagababu's comments, he skipped the issue.

BOTTOM-LINE: After this interview, this Nandamuri channel conducted a debate on Balakrishna and Nagababu controversy. Strangely, it's a one sided debate as all the guests were the supporters of Balayya Babu.