Guntur Chiranjeevi Fan President Retort to Balayya Fans

Mon 01st Jun 2020 03:09 PM

Guntur Chiranjeevi Fan President Fitting Retort to Balayya Fans

Guntur Chiranjeevi Fan President Retort to Balayya Fans
Guntur Chiranjeevi Fan President Retort to Balayya Fans

A chain of events took place post Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna resorted to an abusive attack on cine celebs who held discussions with Telangana government. Mega Brother Nagababu breathed fire on Balakrishna in a video message of his Youtube channel. Afterwards, a caste biased fan of Balakrishna's abuses on mega family made rounds on net. 

Meanwhile, Megastar Chiranjeevi's fans president of Guntur Rajesh breathed fire on Balakrishna's fans who indulged in abuses on mega family in social media. Unlike their abuses mega fan president disclosed some thought provoking info as part of countering to Balakrishna's fans. Following are the excerpts of his video message. 

* The first day's collections of all 8 Nandamuri heroes will be lesser than Chiranjeevi's single film's first day collections.

* Nagababu garu has great knowledge on various issues. Before commenting Nagababu garu, you should study history completely. Can Balakrishna speak properly without fumbling?

* Never use the words blood and breed. In fact, breed is the word used for only animals.

* You spoke about Pawan Kalyan's 3 marriages. What about the state of NTR and Harikrishna's marriages?

* Balakrishna got mental certificate previously. But he hasn't taken fitness certificate from the same doctors so far.

* In yesteryears, heroes wouldn't let any new hero emerged in Tollywood. But then, Chiranjeevi garu encourages new heroes attending their films' functions.

* Kam** producers didn't do any favour to Chiranjeevi garu. They found a money machine in Chiranjeevi garu and made great money through him.

* Balakrishna never let NTR garu's tomb cleaned during the latter's death and birth anniversaries. Irritated by babai's act, NTR openly announced he would ensure arranging the tomb with flower beds and garlands every year and is practicing the same.

* Yes, Pawan Kalyan, who contested for the first time, lost the elections and the party won just one seat. But then how many seats were won by 40-year old party? Just 20 seats. Moreover, CBN himself said it was due to Pawan Kalyan TDP won in 2014's elections. What respect was given to Pawan Kalyan during the swearing in ceremony and what respect actually got by Balakrishna who sat just in visitors chairs in the ceremony?

* Here is a straight question to you. Has TDP done any service to corona victims? We, the Janasena activists, spent Rs.25 cr to Rs.30 cr to serve the needy in corona crisis.