Chiranjeevi Gets This Royalty & Respect Not by Forcing Anyone

Fri 29th May 2020 10:27 PM

Chiranjeevi Gets This Royalty and Respect Not by Forcing Anyone

Chiru Gets This Royalty & Respect Not by Forcing Anyone
Chiru Gets This Royalty & Respect Not by Forcing Anyone

"The easiest way of success is you just work for it," great philosopher Socrates, who lived around 2400 years ago, preached to his disciples. Even today, his words form the best adage to the mankind.  

And once a person achieves his goal with extreme levels of hard work and dedication, he must stand modest and humble by nature thus becomes an inspiration even to the millions. And then, Megastar Chiranjeevi turned an ultimate replica of this theorem.    


Chiranjeevi's relentless long haul for over the decades hasn't made him lose his Mega stardom to anyone else. Unlike other number ones, he hasn't given his number one status to others even at his 60s. 

Ultimately, he is being respected everyone from every nook and corner. And his status is not shaken by the newbies in film industry and new governments in Telugu states. Instead, Governments feel it an honour respecting Chiranjeevi giving him utmost importance at crucial times. 

Obviously, Chiranjeevi, unknowingly, attained the royalty. He hasn't got it from 'Vamsham, blood and Charitra'. In fact, they are trash words for the winners of great attitude. 

On the flip side, Chiranjeevi, unintentionally, held responsible for some people developed boundless jealousy against him. These jealous people can never make out the fact that success comes only through the great qualities mentioned in the above lines. Besides, they live in such a  world that is surrounded by iron walls which make them not hamper behaving virtuoso. 

That's why, every now and then, we witness some people cry on Megastar. And then, what should one learn from Chiranjeevi here? There are many people who are crippled at their mindsets try to target us making comments and creating conspiracies. The best way dealing those people is to get involved in our job, like Chiranjeevi.