Suresh Babu Turns Pessimistic!

Fri 22nd May 2020 10:16 AM

Suresh Babu's Unnecessary Pessimism?

Suresh Babu Turns Pessimistic!
Suresh Babu Turns Pessimistic!

Post the hectic times of lockdown with the spreading of coronavirus epidemic, the situation, gradually, is brought to normalcy. Film industry's bigwigs discussions with cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav ended up on an optimistic note and the post production works of films all set to get kickstarted today.

It's learnt that cine celebs will be meeting CM KCR tomorrow to discuss on resuming film shoots which were earlier put on hold with the lockdown. It's hoped, he CM gives permission for film shoots. 


While everything goes on in favour of film industry, top producer Suresh Babu appears quite pessimistic with the reopening of theatres for screening of films. He seems extremely feared of spreading of coronavirus. 

He spoke in length in such a way in a TV channel's mini interview, even after one year, audience would not throng to theaters. How can he be a prophetic with such silly assumptions? 

Suresh Babu must realize the fact that people don't have any such fears on corona as being exhibited by some governments and a few people who have phobia of diseases. Recently, we saw people's enthusiasm at liquor shops. Not just that all! A big number of crowd are being witnessed at markets and many other places. Suresh Babu worried about below par attendance of employees at a few government offices. But then, he must realize that not every office the same is practised by the employed. 

Also, Suresh Babu is speaking much about OTTs. He must avoid the topic to avoid next level of irritation from the cine audience. 

What should Suresh Babu and other producers do now? They must force the government not to levy various taxes for a couple of months. Besides, they can also request the governments the hike of ticket rates for a few days until the social distance norms are maintained in theaters.