Time for Discussion on These Hidden Facts?

Wed 20th May 2020 10:02 PM

Wanted to Know These Hidden Facts

Time for Discussion on These Hidden Facts?
Time for Discussion on These Hidden Facts?
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Mega Brother Nagababu's controversial tweet on Mahatma Gandhi's assassinator Nathuram Godse embroiled in huge discussions in social media and political circles. As usually, some traditional people and Congress activists resorted to stereotype criticism on Nagababu's views on Godse. However, there was an appealing support to Mega Brother from many people, though. Director RGV, who echoed Nagababu's views, said he would make a film on Godse's life History. Journalist Sai and some TV channels also raised interesting questions. The consolidated questionnaire on hidden facts of the History is as follows.

* Why was the revolution of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru was suppressed? What was Congress role then?

* Why did the Congress party fear of Subhash Chandrabose's army?

* As it became feeble in governance due to world war 2, Britain wanted to give Independence to India in 1942. But a great personality is said to have stopped them saying the issue would be looked into post the world war. Who was that personality?

* Were most of the politics run on the ego factors of some leaders then?

* Had our leaders got their thought process right, the country couldn't have got partitioned. Is this argument right?

* How many lakhs of one particular group of people were killed by Pakistanis after Indo-Pak partition? And how many thousands of women were assaulted? How many people escaped to India? And why were their hardships ignored by then top personality mercilessly?

* Who brought the dirty article 370 for Kashmir?

* Why had India lost 'POK' to Pak?

* Did India get independence just on the sacrifice of one leader? or many leaders?

* Small nation, New Zealand's currency notes have many national leaders printed. Why shouldn't the same be adopted in India?

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