How Gemini Ganesan Ill Treated Savitri?

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This Is How Gemini Ganesan Ill Treated Savitri?

Savitri Gemini Ganesan
Savitri Gemini Ganesan

There are many actresses but Only Savitri is hailed as Mahanati as she spellbound all with her exceptional acting talent. Though many beautiful and great actress were there during her time, only Savitri is hailed as Mahanati.

She was so innocent she was unaware of deceit and conspiracy. Savitri who only knew to help others was cheated in the name of love. She then got cheated as she trusted and helped people. All the so-called near and dear and whom she considered as her friends cheated and left her in a lurch.


When she was rich everyone ran around her. But during her final days, when she was left without a single penny, no one helped her. She went into a coma due to hereditary diseases like diabetes and thyroid.

Everyone believes there was only one villain in Savitri's life and he was Gemini Ganesan. People hold Gemini Ganesan responsible for Savitri's plight. His actions resulted in Savitri's life getting destroyed. Her dead body was left like an orphan and Gemini Ganesan was responsible for it.

Analysts say Gemini Ganesan did not visit Savitri even once when she was in a coma for 14 months. He, however, used to give few amounts for her treatment that too to get a good name in society. But by that time Gemini Ganesan became a villain in the eyes of everyone.

Gemini Ganesan was hesitant to take Savitri's dead body to his house as he developed so much hatred for her. But he relented for the fear of facing the wrath of people.

By that time Savitri became a skeleton and people were tear struck carried by emotions. Everyone started scolding Gemini Ganesan and the then actress G Varalakshmi's attack on Gemini saying 'Chi.nee valle kadara daaniki ee gati pattindi' made the headlines.

ANR whom Savitri used to address as 'Anna' brought huge bundles of flowers for her final farewell. ANR couldn't control himself seeing the pity state of Savitri. Instead of her husband Gemini Ganesan, her son Satish performed the final rites.