Corona Biggest Damage to Romantic People!

Tue 28th Apr 2020 01:52 PM

This Is Corona's Damage to Romantic People!

Corona Biggest Damage to Romantic People!
Corona Biggest Damage to Romantic People!

We have always kept on discussing the woes of daily wagers, middle class and lower middle class sections in light of the spread of deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, people with great hearts, NGOs, union and state governments allocated budgets of their ranges with the sole aim of the welfare of the needy at the need of the hour. 

Well, everything is okay. No regrets on anyone with their services. No issues. But, but...there is one section of people whom is not cared and concerned by anyone. No sympathy is showered upon them by the people of generous hearts. 


But then, what is that section that everyone, especially, the girls with beautiful faces take note of? This is about the pathetic plight of romantic people, especially, young boys we are talking about. 

As per the findings of recent meets held by the PM and CMs of various states, it's understood that even after the lockdown is lifted in India, face masks and social distancing would be made imminent. 

In such case, people of all ages including college going girls, young techies, other employed and unemployed at their youth would be seen covering their enchanting faces in masks. How painful for the young boys missing to see their fascinating faces? Previously, young girls would go to places like malls, multiplexes, temples, parks and every amusement site with attractive outfits and bewitching makeovers. Should youth miss all that glory now?

The state and central governments should take necessary action to end this calamity among youth!! (satire)