Corona Scare: People Frame Rules for Politicians

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 11:52 AM

People of India Frame Rules for Politicians

Corona Scare: People Frame Rules for Politicians
Corona Scare: People Frame Rules for Politicians

The outspread of coronavirus pandemic has devastated the lives of many. In light of the spread of the disease, People of India have made out politicians would be responsible for spread of the disease for next four years. As such, People framed strict rules for politicians to be imposed upto general elections, 2024. And these rules are applicable to all politicians including PM, CMs and the rest. According to the reports, People's Order, P.O. No.1 (Not G.O.No.1) would be released shortly. Following are the leaked highlights of the P.O.

* Public meets of politicians are strictly prohibited. Since these meets lead to community transfers, public meets are banned.

* Felicitations, garlanding and offering shawls etc. activities are imposed a ban to ensure social distancing.

* Security for politicians will be removed. Hereafter, there will be no Z plus and other categories of security. Instead, politicians will be allocated one or two policemen from local police stations under unavoidable circumstances.

* Election campaigning for general and local body polls is abolished. However, online campaigning and cellphone Whatsapp message campaigning are allowed.

* Rallies and processions are prohibited.

* While making rituals and pujas during festivals in temples, a politician and his wife only be allowed in temples and other religious places.

* The activists of the parties should get their services restricted to their streets or hamlets only. Meanwhile, they can get the guidelines and advice of their leaders through teleconferences.

* All the politicians must abide by aforementioned rules strictly. Any deviation will be viewed seriously and necessary action will be initiated. The said rules will be imposed until the end of general elections, 2024. Thereupon a review meeting will be held in which ralaxation measures for politicians will be discussed.


BOTTOM-LINE: While some politicians are violating the rules of lockdown, some more politicians are resorting to arrogant statements hurting the egos of People of India. So, above article is a satire on them.