Chiranjeevi's Effective Use of SM

Sun 12th Apr 2020 02:04 PM

Chiranjeevi Makes Well Use of Social Media

Chiranjeevi's Effective Use of Social Media
Chiranjeevi's Effective Use of Social Media

Although netizens use social media extensively, most of them don't know how to convey their messages effectively. While some more netizens indulge in ugly brawls with others on various cine and political issues wasting all their time and energy. Megastar Chiranjeevi, who entered social media two weeks ago, is displaying all other netizens how to use the social media productively. Checkout the following categories and Chiranjeevi's participation. 

CONVEYING WISHES & GREETINGS: Chiranjeevi conveyed wishes to Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Akhil and Akira on their birthdays. Besides, he conveyed wishes to other celebs with timely tweets on various occasions.


DISCLOSING PERSONAL INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Chiranjeevi's tweets disclosed many of his personal interests. Further, he disclosed the details about how lord Hanuman's picure drawn by Bapu had his resemblances.

DISCLOSING CHARITABLE ACTS: Chiranjeevi has been so prompt in revealing the charitable activities done by him and theCCC Manakosam launched by him along with cine celebs.

SHARING VIDEOS AND PICS: Chiranjeevi shared video song that was shot to enlighten people to maintain social distance.

IMPORTANT MESSAGES AT CRUCIAL TIMES: Chiranjeevi had to send his messages to the media specially before. In contrast, he is now posting video messages in Twitter handle. 

SHARING AND APPRECIATING THE INSPIRING ACTS DONE BY OTHERS: Chiranjeevi shared the song of Srikrishna penned by Jonnavithula today. This is a tribute to Cyberabad police's relentless services for effective implementation of lockdown.