What Are Offensive Posts on Whatsapp?

Tue 07th Apr 2020 07:56 PM

List of Offensive Posts on Whatsapp

What Are Offensive Posts on Whatsapp?
What Are Offensive Posts on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is being used by 2 billion users across the globe. As we all know, we can made voice and video calls and can share images, documents and text messages through this wonderful platform. Since this most popular medium is being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry, most of the people are not much aware of the offensive posts on Whatsapp groups. These offensive posts vary from country to country and from continent to continent. 

Following the spread of gruesome coronavirus epidemic, some wicked people are creating fake posts and get them circulated through Whatsapp platform aimed at making people panic or fooled with the posts. Our enlightenment only makes us learning which is the real or the fake post. According to some wide users of Whatsapp, following are the offensive posts on Whatsapp group and the users and admins should strictly stay away from circulating such posts.


* Text messages/documents/video and audio messages displaying the hatred on particular religion.

* Text messages/documents/videos showcasing the hatred on particular caste.

* Text messages/documents/video and audio messages showcasing hatred on particular region, district, state and our country.

* Videos showing rituals done by priests at most popular religious places like Tirumala.

* Posts against the nation's sovereignty and patriotism.

* Abusive posts with filthy language on people who include eminent personalities and common people.

* Photoshop manipulations on noted personalities and vulgar jokes and pranks on them.

* Blackmailing messages like, "Send this message to three other groups. Else, you will die/ you listen to a good news.

* Whatsapp gets closed from tonight.

* PM adds Rs.500 balance for your mobile free of cost. Check it.

* Supreme court/High court orders not to share posts for some days.


HOW CAN Whatsapp FACTS CAN BE CHECKED?: If you are dubious about the authenticity of any post, you can search the national media such as The Hindu, Times of India etc. and related news channels.