KCR's Bad Advice to Modi on Lockdown!

Mon 06th Apr 2020 08:33 PM

KCR's Advice to Narendra Modi on Lockdown!

KCR's Advice to Modi on Lockdown
KCR's Advice to Modi on Lockdown

Telangana CM Kcr disclosed that he had appealed the prime minister Narendra Modi to extend lockdown period even after April 14. The CM held a press meet on Monday night. He revealed that a total of 364 people were infected with coronavirus and 45 among them were discharged and 11 were dead. The CM also divulged that a total of 172 Delhi returnees were infected with the virus and 93 more people were infected by them. 

During his speech, Kcr tried to defend how lockdown's extension would favour the nation. 


However, the repurcussions indicated most of the people are against to Kcr's view. 

Taking a jibe at Kcr's demand some analysts said, "Kcr is not a student to suffer for the delay of entrance exams (IIT, NEET, EAMCET etc.). Kcr is not an employee to get his pay drastically cut. Kcr is not a businessman to suffer crores and lakhs of losses. Above all Kcr is not a daily wage worker to feel pain. He already reached to an ultimate position so that he needn't have any goals in his life personally. So, Kcr can put any sort of demand to the PM."

Some scientists felt Kcr avails the advantage of high temperature conditions of tropical India. "Many doctors and scientists have analysed that coronavirus won't lead to community transfer. These politicians want to get advantage from the calamities as well. In future, even if they won't initiate any development programmes, they may throw entire blame on corona."

All in all, most of the people opined Kcr's demand does harm to common people.