PM's Call to Light a Lamp a Grand Success

Sun 05th Apr 2020 10:07 PM

India Lights the Lamps: Stupendous Success

India Lights Lamps
India Lights Lamps

India has manifested its unity and strength to the world at 9 pm on Sunday, April 5. Having taken the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi's call, people switched off the lights and lit the lamps / candles/ mobile flashlights on Sunday night as a mark of their gratitude and solidarity towards the doctors, policemen and the sanitary staff. It is a known fact that they have been striving relentlessly to destruct the calamitous coronavirus epidemic for the past couple of days.

Ever since the virus sent alarming signals of rapid spreading, the PM was so quick in appealing the nation to observe a one day 'Janatha Curfew'. The remarkable success of 'Janatha Curfew' gave him enough confidence to impose a 21-day lockdown to the entire nation. Whatever the decision has been taken by the PM, people backed him at the need of the hour. 


All said and done, this collective gesture of Indians made other countries revitalized and highly spirited to defy the horrying disease.

In the meanwhile, a sum of 3600 corona positive cases and 90+ deaths have been recorded in India. The union and state governments are doing their best to control and prevent the ghastly disease.