Landmarks in Corona Cases and Deaths

Fri 03rd Apr 2020 07:32 AM

Corona Hits Two Worst Records World Wide

Coronavirus Positive and Death Count Records
Coronavirus Positive and Death Count Records

Unwanted landmark records have been set by corona positive cases and deaths. The death toll and the number of positive cases are showing abnormal growth with each passing day. 

According to the latest reports, world wide Coronavirus positive cases count breached 10 lakhs. On the other hand, total number of deaths crossed 50,000 mark on Friday. 


The USA is the worst hit country in which the death toll raised to 2.45 lakh while the total number of deaths recorded in the country is 6075. 

Italy occupied second slot among the world countries with 1.15 lakh corona positive cases. However, the country holds first position with 13000 deaths. 

Spain registered 1.12 lakh corona positive cases thus occupied third position while it stands at second with 10,348 deaths. 

There is an abnormal growth in corona positive cases in other countries like Germany, France, Iran and the UK.

Not many Coronavirus positive cases and deaths are being recorded in China in the recent past. But then, it's being alleged that China is hiding the actual numbers. China recorded 80000+ positive cases and around 3400 deaths.

Thanks to the strict lockdown being imposed in India which had the total number of Coronavirus positive cases confined to 2500 while the death count is restricted to 70.