Ultimate Damage with Markaz: Still Backing? Shame

Wed 01st Apr 2020 07:28 PM

Ultimate Damage with Markaz: Still Backing Them?

Ultimate Damage with Markaz: Still Backing? Shame
Ultimate Damage with Markaz: Still Backing? Shame

Going through the reports emerging from here, there and everywhere, it has been made out that Tablighi Jamaat's congregation in Nizamuddin, Delhi has become the epi-centre of the spreading of horrendous corronavirus pandemic in India. The attendees are now regarded as 'Super Spreaders' of the disease across India. Checkout the following how they had taken part in the catastrophe.

* In Tamil Nadu, a total of 234 patients tested corona positive, of which, 190 were attendees of Delhi meet.


* In AP, 70 out 87 corona positive cases are from Delhi returned.

* Though the official exact number is yet to be out, In Telangana, 90% corona positive cases from Tablighi Jamaat's members.

* As of now, 1687 corona positive cases were recorded in India. In which 70% were the attendees of Delhi meeting.

* In spite of lockdown imposed across India, the visitors didn't vacate Nizamuddin which is considered to be a serious offense.

* A big number of blood samples were sent for testing of which 650 were declared positive  and the result of other samples are yet to be declared. A total of 2300+ people were evacuated from Nizamuddin today.

* According to Republic TV's leaked unauthorised audio tape, there is a conspiracy involved to harm the nation. The audio voice, which is buzzed to have belonged to the aforementioned group by Republic TV, calls for the participants to break the lockdown and infect 70 thousand Indians so that entire India gets devastated.

* Moulana,the boss of Tablighi Jamaat, went underground for several hours, after the case was booked against him.

* Most of the Delhi meeting returnees are hiding to escape corona tests which is a big crime.


* Shamelessly, leaders of the Congress, left parties and some pseudo secularists are seen backing the Delhi meeting turnout. Even on the verge of the destruction of the world, they seem remain to be stuck with the same attitude.

* Some netizens in the social media are seen backing the Delhi attendees with spoiled comments against the government.


* Irrespective of the party or status of an individual in the society, they should be booked straightaway after they indulged in anti-national comments.