Proved! KCR Has Personal Rivalry on Employees?

Mon 30th Mar 2020 10:11 PM

Abnormal Deductions from Employees Salaries

KCR Cuts Employees Salaries Drastically
KCR Cuts Employees Salaries Drastically
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Honestly, don't know what went wrong between Kcr and Telangana employees. The employees Pay Revision Committee (PRC) report has drastically been delayed by the TRS government for the past couple of years. The AP employees have been getting at least IR 27% for the past eight months. But not Telangana employees! And did you know the big breaking news? In fact, it's a disaster news for the employees. Kcr cut the salary of employees drastically for the month of March. The deductions list is as follows. 

* IAS, IPS and IFS officials salary will be deducted to 60%.

* 50% will be deducted from the salaries of all other categories.

* 10% deduction from the salaries of class 4 and outsourcing employees.

* 50% deduction from retired employees salary.

* Of course, CM, MLAs and MLCs salaries will be deducted to 75%. Obviously, given their additional incomes are concerned, they can be taken light.

NB : AP employees will be getting full salary except a day's pay deduction donated by them voluntarily.

NB: Telangana is a rich state. AP is a poor state.

BOTTOM-LINE: Kcr's kindness percentage 0%, YS Jagan's kindness percentage 100% (For employees point of view) (Satire)

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