Not Corona, Lockdown to Damage Maximum People in India?

Sun 29th Mar 2020 04:04 PM

Lockdown Scares Crores of Daily Labourers?

Daily Workers Suffer with Lockdown?
Daily Workers Suffer with Lockdown?

It seems Narendra Modi prefers to create sensations a lot which forcibly let total population of India is involved in them. A couple of years ago, Modi resorted to a huge sensation procliaming demonetization of high notes. People, in big numbers, had to stand in front of ATMs for money. Thereafter, people had to face currency woes in ATMs for two years. 

Imposing GST slabs is yet another showdown which affected the lives of crores of people. 


Apart from aforementioned decisions Modi government implemented other crucial arbitrations such as abrogating article 370, splitting J & K into two union territories which favoured the nation. Besides, Modi is all set to let lord Rama's temple is built in Ayodhya in his regime. 

Having called for the nation for 21-day Lockdown till April 14, Modi has taken yet another earth-shattering decision. Since Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire, Modi was supposed to have taken a wise decision. 

Nevertheless, as days passed by, the adverse effects of the Lockdown period are blowing out. According to the reports, crores of people lost their jobs and daily workers are starving for food. Thousands of people walked over hundreds of miles to reach their native places. 

"Out of work & facing an uncertain future, millions of our brothers & sisters across India are struggling to find their way back home. It’s shameful that we’ve allowed any Indian citizen to be treated this way & that the Govt had no contingency plans in place for this exodus," opposition leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted. 

"If at all this Lockdown period gets contained for these 21 days, it might prevent the spread of virus to some extent. If the Lockdown period is extended for two or three more months, then the death toll of the poor and downtrodden will be reached to that extent, the number would be 10 times to that of the deaths recorded with corona infected cases," analysed an economist.