List of Advantages with Lockdown

Sun 29th Mar 2020 07:52 AM

Advantages with Lockdown

Advantages with Lockdown
Advantages with Lockdown
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It turned inevitable for the union and state governments imposing Lockdowns and curfews post the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus. In consequence, people have to stay in their homes with no options being left for them. Some optimists, however, find some advantages even at this phase of an immense crisis. Checkout the list of advantages.

* One would get an opportunity to spend maximum time with family. As such, family relations are well established and there will be sharing of love and affection among family members.

* Forgotten games can be played with children.

* You can be voracious readers again reading books with genres of your choice.

* Internet provides you an ultimate stuff that you wish for. Especially you'll can be too active on social media platforms.

* If you are a moviephile, these crisis days end up the most memorable days in your life.

* You can make innovative experiments in cooking curries and various other dishes.

* Your leisure time paves you the the best way to put into practice your creative skills.

* As no vehicles emit poisonous gases into the air, the country will become pollution free.

* Now that there has been no source to booze, there'll be no domestic violence by the alcoholics.

* Road accidents will be reduced predominantly.

* Police cases, FIRs and charge sheets will be decreased drastically.

* You'll be freed from Hurry burry travelling to work places.

* You can be more fit with better workouts.

* Above all, you are all set to curtail the spread of the most horrendous disease of the world.

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