RRR Motion Poster Trigger Fan Wars: Water Vs Fire

Thu 26th Mar 2020 11:10 AM

RRR Motion Poster: NTR, Ram Charan Fan Wars

RRR Motion Poster: NTR, Ram Charan Fan Wars
RRR Motion Poster: NTR, Ram Charan Fan Wars

SS Rajamouli delighted movie lovers on Ugadi by unleashing the motion poster of his upcoming entertainer Rrr and it created a powerful impact on social media.

While almost everyone raved about Rajamouli showing the union of water and fire in a powerful and creative manner in Rrr showing elevating NTR and Ram Charan, it also triggered instant fan wars.

Though both Mega and Nandamuri heroes share good bonhomie and also enjoy family vacations, their heroes always fight bitterly on social media. This has been the trend from the times of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

Ever since the launch of Rrr with Ram Charan and NTR, intense discussions are on as to whose role would be highlighted and who will get the maximum credit in the film's success.

Till sometime back rumors spread that Rajamouli is neglecting Ram Charan by elevating the heroics of NTR with tiger fight and train scene etc.

Now with Rajamouli showing Ram Charan as fire and NTR as water, mega fans started claiming that fire is more powerful and Rajamouli elevated Ram Charan's heroism by comparing him with firepower. NTR fans are having nothing of those sorts and started arguing that water is more powerful than fire and showing NTR as water, Rajamouli showed NTR will pour cold water on Ram Charan's dreams.

This is making analysts wonder where these fan wars will head in the future as they are fighting for motion poster itself.