100 Days to Amaravati Casteists Fake Protests

Thu 26th Mar 2020 08:16 AM

100 Days to Amaravati Casteists Fake Agitation

100 Days to Amaravati Fake Protests
100 Days to Amaravati Fake Protests

Amaravati casteists and landlords created an unprecedented record in the history of AP. They succeeded in running a fake movement for 100 days. A casteist newspaper 'Een***' published a photo the casteist movement and wrote a special article under the heading 'Vudyamaaniki Vandanam'. 

With this feat Amaravati fake movement breached the previous 'Samaikyandra Fake Movement' led by casteist Ashok Babu with a huge margin. 


All the casteists and landlords celebrated the moment gathering in groups breaking Coronavirus lockdown rules. 

"There maybe many more fake moments in the future. But then, I can confidently say no other fake moment break the record set by our fake agitation," says a landlord at Amaravati proudly. 

In the meanwhile, the TDP's chief Chandrababu Naidu is planning to take the moment to next level spending more funds and letting more number of casteist TDP activists participated in the protest. (satire)