Entire India 21-Day Total Lock Down

Tue 24th Mar 2020 08:30 PM

Modi Announces 21-Day Lock Down

Modi Announces 21-Day Lockdown
Modi Announces 21-Day Lockdown
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In view of the outbreak of monstrous Coronavirus, the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi proclaimed 21-day lockdown in the entire nation from the midnight of 24th of March. He called for the people to stay in their homes for all these days without setting foot outside. He addressed the nation at 8 pm on March 24. Following are the excerpts of his speech. 

* People proved that when they are encompassed with the threat, they show their unity. India passed Janata Curfew test.

* The result of 2-month study on COVID 19 affected countries proved the fact that social distancing is the only remedy. Everyone should stay in their homes only. This is the only solution to prevent this virus. This cycle should be broken by then.

* Some people have misconception that social distancing gets confined to only the infected people of COVID 19. But then, everyone including the PM  should observe social distance.

* For the past two days, many parts of the country have been locked down.

* From late night at the stroke of 12 , please listen carefully (emphasizes), entire country gets locked down. This can be treated a curfew. It's more stringent than Janata Curfew.

* This is to save every life.

* The lock down is enforced for 21 days. As a result, upcoming 21 days are very crucial for us.

* You stay in homes. It should be treated Lakshman Rekha.

* Co - koyi, ro- road par, na - naa nikale (Corona full form stated by Modi)

* WHO report says one infected person affects hundreds others. It spreads like a wildfire.

* It took 67 days to reach one lakh victims. But in next 11 days the number got doubled.

* It was just 4 days to reach 2 to 3 lakh.

* China, USA, France, Germany, Italy and USA are the rich countries equipped with all infrastcutre. But they couldn't prevent the spread of the disease.

* I appeal to you all while staying at homes, pray fro those doctors, the nurses, para medicos and pathologists who have been striving hard in hospitals to save the lives. Sanitation workers are discharging great services. You should pray for the prosperity of all of them.

* Youn must also think about the media people who are giving updates on the corona cases.

* This is the toughest phase for the poor and the government will take necessary action to get their problems bailed out.

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