Chiranjeevi's Valuable Precautions on Corona

Thu 19th Mar 2020 04:41 PM

Chiranjeevi's Valuable Precautions on Coronavirus Pandemic

Chiranjeevi's Video Message
Chiranjeevi's Video Message

It was Megastar Chiranjeevi, who took initiation from film industry first to get his forthcoming film Acharya's shoot postponed as a preventive measure from the spreading of Coronavirus pandemic. Later all other heroes and filmmakers followed the path of Megastar conveying the strong message that Tollywood has taken all the care to prevent the spread of ghastly virus. 

Chiranjeevi, in the meanwhile, released a video in which he suggested measures to encounter the deadly virus. 

"Neither fear on the virus nor the negligence on it is corroborated from the people. Proper care and courage are needed to defy the virus. People should maintain social distance and get themselves confined to their homes. Personal hygiene should be given utmost importance. Hands should be washed till the elbows and kerchiefs and tissue papers are to be used," advised Megastar. 

He, further, added, "If you feel fatigue, cold and cough, consult doctors right away. And finally, avoid shaking hands with others. In lieu of it, practice our Indian custom, the namaskaaram (Joining both the hands in respect)."

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