Media Mistake on Mahesh's Decisions?

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 10:21 PM

Media Bluntly Supporting Mahesh's Decisions?

Media's Support to Mahesh Babu's Decisions
Media's Support to Mahesh Babu's Decisions
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Supposedly, some media houses are unnecessarily backing Prince Mahesh Babu's controversial decisions. It is a common practice heroes take a blend of good and bad decisions in the process of choosing the better scripts and suitable directors. 

Mahesh Babu, himself, is not an exception to this custom. Of late Mahesh Babu took two strange decisions in selecting his directors which are backed by some media houses. 

Post the industry hit result of Rangasthalam, Sukumar was supposed to direct Mahesh Babu. On the likes of the Prince, Sukumar initially prepared a period story for him which eventually, was pooh-poohed by Mahesh Babu. Later, Sukumar penned another script for Mahesh Babu which was discarded by the hero. 

Finally, the director had to give up the project. Some media houses, however, supported Mahesh Babu bluntly pointing out it as Sukumar's misuse of chance for the poor preparation of the script. But then, Anil Ravipudi, who replaced Sukumar, has delivered no better script for Mahesh Babu. Consequently, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo dominated Sarileru Neekevvaru. 

Yet again, Mahesh Babu has taken another strange decision which is also being backed by some media houses. Mahesh Babu and Vamsi Paidipally's project has been in pipeline for the past couple of months. 

But then, all of a sudden, Vamsi Paidipally was replaced by Parasuram. And now, the media houses started cooking up the stories that Vamsi hadn't revealed his script to producer Dil Raju and Mahesh Babu before and he narrated his story to Mahesh Babu recently. But then, who will believe the hearsay if Dil Raju and Mahesh Babu hadn't known the genre and the story of Vamsi before? Are they that innocent?

It's now heard that Mythri Movie Makers offered Mahesh Babu Rs.50 crore paycheck for doing Parasuram film. It remains to be known if Mahesh accepted Parasuram film for the juicy offer by the producers or superficial script of the director or both. 

Whatsoever, media houses should not bluntly support Mahesh Babu's decisions to avoid Mahesh Babu's film getting defeated by opposition heroes' films.

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