Official: Chiru Not YSRCP MP, Reasons

Thu 20th Feb 2020 09:09 PM

Official: Chiranjeevi Not YSRCP MP, Reasons

Chiranjeevi Not to Be an MP of YSRCP
Chiranjeevi Not to Be an MP of YSRCP
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For the past couple of days, it has been speculated by some print, electronic and web media houses that Megastar Chiranjeevi would be fielded as YSRCP Rajyasabha MP candidate soon. Strangely, even top Telugu news channel which was previously headed by Ravi Prakash also aired the fake report. 

The rumours were triggered after Chiranjeevi praised three capitals decision and Disha acts of the government. As a matter of fact, Megastar appreciated both the decisions of the YSRCP as he felt the decisions would benefit crores of people. 

De facto, Chiranjeevi has no such thought of joining a ruling political party even in his dreams. Following are the reasons.

* Chiranjeevi's stature and status is much bigger than the chief ministers in Telugu states. For that matter, a CM's tenure is just five or ten years. But then, Chiranjeevi has been Megastar for the past four decades. How can Chiranjeevi work under any person who has less craze, image and history than him?

* Some times, Chiranjeevi, himself, visits CMs houses. It should be understood that he meets them on behalf of the film industry but not for his personal gains.

* Chiranjeevi doesn't wish to trouble Power Star Pawan Kalyan in politics anyway. So, he doesn't go against the will of Power Star.

* But then, Megastar may join the BJP as the party doesn't have any kingpins in AP state.

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