TRS Jolt! Thagina Saasthi to TS Employees!

Tue 18th Feb 2020 07:50 PM

Ultimate Shocker to Telangana Employees!

Telangana Government's Shocker to Employees
Telangana Government's Shocker to Employees
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"That's why, no political party is given power to two consecutive tenures. If they are given, they will develop an immense arrogance automatically. And then, what if Telangana CM and his family, who are born with such pride? Obviously, sky is the limit to their arrogance," exclaimed an employee from Telangana state. 

Aforementioned view was expressed by the employee after the Trs gave an unprecedented jolt to the employees of Telangana. 

According to the reports, the Pay Revision Commission, which was formed by the TS government a couple of years ago, is supposed to submit its report by this month end. It was further speculated that KCR had ordered the commission chairman to give away the report on 24th of this month. 

Albeit, the government, all at once, released the G.O. which is intended to get the PRC report submitted in the month of December, this year. 

This is an ultimate shocker to the employed. What is more pathetic state of affairs is that they are not even provided with an Interim Relief. What happened exactly? Has KCR developed any grudge on employees? If so, why? Whatsoever, every employee of India is exhibiting utmost pity on TS employees at the moment.

Some observers, natheless, say it's a lesson to the employees who extended their support to the Trs selflessly. 

And now, AP employees are acutely being scared by the TS government's decision suspecting if AP government would take a cue from TS government.

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