Believability In Nani’s Story, Not In Case Of Vijay

Sun 16th Feb 2020 09:02 AM

World Famous Lover, What Went Wrong?

Vijay Deverakonda Nani
Vijay Deverakonda Nani
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It was big surprise when Vijay Deverakonda’s film was announced as World Famous Lover. The poster drew criticism for Vijay’s routine look that was replica of Arjun Reddy. Almost all the lead actors, director and producer were asked during their media interaction about the title and they simply said, “You will know, when you watch the film.”

As after watching the film, we realize that, it’s the name of book penned by the film’s protagonist who is a writer. This book is sold out in millions and becomes one of the best-selling books. Of course, cinematic liberty is taken and exaggeration will be practiced for these kinds of scenes to create drama and elevate heroism. But, there should at least be some believability.

For example, Jersey penned by Nani’s son becomes best-selling book in the film Jersey and there’s authenticity in it. The protagonist in Jersey goes through all the pain in personal and professional life and he ends up as a failure for his own reasons. But, his journey has enough stuff to be penned as story.

Coming to World Famous Lover, the protagonist played by Vijay Deverakonda who is a writer looking for inspiration pens a book of two different love stories in two different setups, after his break-up with girlfriend with whom he’s in live-in relationship. But, there's no 'true love' in any of the stories!

What exactly is the mindset of a person after his breakup with longtime girlfriend? Will he realize his mistakes or he develops hatred towards her? Vijay doesn’t even wish to imagine his girlfriend in the role of Suvarna. But, he ends up telling, there’s lots of sacrifice in her love, wherein he is flirting his boss.

How can a man who’s telling a beautiful love story can imagine his relationship with other women and finally gives conclusion that he’s wrong and the one who loves him has sacrificed everything for him. Will this justify the title of World Famous Lover?

The other story is more pathetic than the previous one. A youngster who desires to lead a happy life in Paris falls in love with a local girl. Wait a minute; this can’t be called a ‘pure love’. All he wants is a physical relationship with the girl, like the kind of relationship he’s maintaining with his girlfriend Raashi Khanna. The conclusion to the story is much shoddier. You don’t even imagine.

He donates his eyes for his girlfriend who lost her vision in an accident. He takes the drastic step, though we don’t see any love between these two.

To conclude the conclusions to these two stories we are told that, Vijay’s intentions are to notify that, there’s huge sacrifice in his love story and it’s Raashi who sacrificed everything for him. The only thing we see in most of the stories is ‘desire’, but nothing much.

Was the right justification given to the film’s title? This is not the kind of film we expected from Kranthi Madhav who made two gems of films Onamalu and Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju. Vijay, on the other hand, learned his lessons, and decided not to do love stories which actually is a good decision.

To conclude with, audience who watched the film from start to end patiently should be called as World Famous Movie Lovers!

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