WFL US Premieres: Quite Low for Vijay Stardom

Fri 14th Feb 2020 09:12 PM

World Famous Lover US Premiere Collections

World Famous Lover US Premiere Collections Report
World Famous Lover US Premiere Collections Report

Youth crazy star Vijay Deverakonda's World Famous Lover hit the screens on Friday and received mixed responses from the audience. As we reported before, the film had done a fabulous pre release theatrical business which is a worth of Rs.30+ crores. 

In the US alone, the film was sold out for Rs.3.50 crores. As such, the break even target is set one million. 


However, having gone through the US premiere collections of the film, it's made out that the film's collections did not match with Vijay's stardom with reasons not clearly known. 

According to the US trade reports, WFL collected $111K with its premiere shows from 143 locations. It must be remembered that Vijay's previous offing Dear Comrade minted $273K through its premieres. However, it's now anticipated by Vijay Deverakonda's fans that the film would pick up with better promotions and would reach break even at the earliest. 

WFL was directed by Kranthi Madhav under Creative Commercials.