Jagan Sir! Please Revive CBN Chandrajyothi

Thu 13th Feb 2020 07:47 AM

Request to Jagan Sir to Revive CBN Chandrajyothi

Jagan Sir Requested to Revive CBN Chandrajyothi
Jagan Sir Requested to Revive CBN Chandrajyothi

The AP government appeared to have taken the worst ever decision which became a huge jolt to comedy lovers. Since pro TDP caste biased media like CBN Chandrajyothi and a few others spilled venom on the ruling party, YS Jagan's government  blocked those channels' programmes a couple of months ago in AP Fibernet and some other cable services. 

From then on comedy lovers have fallen into a melancholic state. Their plight can be witnessed with their outcry in the following manner. 


"Dear CM sir! What sin have we committed for restricting CBN Chandrajyothi? You have such a stony heart that you can't make out our pathetic state. We are the hardcore lovers of comedy. We like CBN Chandrajyothi's TDP biased programmes a lot. The channel's head never keeps us stay silent. We always would roll out floors laughing with his strange analysis of political updates which never went true. Especially, we like 'Cheththa Paluku' programme of the channel a lot. Right now, the channel is giving wider coverage on Amaravati casteists comedy agitation in an innovative manner which generates great comedy. Sadly, we are missing all this humour. We heard many great things about your importance on health and hygiene. Don't you know the fact that humour plays a vital role in keeping people healthy? Provided that you are requested to revive CBN Chandrajyothi programmes with immediate effect on public interest. We assure you that reviving CBN Chandrajyothi programmes will do great favour to your party and boundless comedy to humour-mongers."

Let's wish, the AP CM will oblige the wish of comedy lovers.