Logic: Chiru with YCP Becomes MP, Chiru with BJP MP + MInister

Wed 12th Feb 2020 12:31 AM

Chiranjeevi Can Prefer BJP to YCP

Chiranjeevi Prefers BJP to YCP!
Chiranjeevi Prefers BJP to YCP!

Of late, a strong rumour on Megastar Chiranjeevi has gone viral and penetrated even to the interior villages of Andhra Pradesh. The rumour mills cooked up a story that Megastar is inclined very much on YSRCP these days and will be roped in by the party as a Rajyasabha candidate soon. 

Since Chiranjeevi lauded the party's crucial decisions like three capitals plan and Disha act, many people innocently believed the fake strories which said Megastar would soon be joining the YSRCP and would get selected as an MP. A YCP's top channel too gave a fake report in its 'Political Bajji' programme affirming the ongoing rumour. 


Incidentally, Megastar was approached by the BJP's top brass a couple of months ago and was offered a union minister post. If at all Chiranjeevi joins the BJP, he will become an MP and gets a minister post. If Megastar prefers YSRCP, he gets his position confined to an MP.

Having gone through above analysis, even a 'Paalu Thage Pasi Baaludu' (an infant kid) can understand that the Megastar prefers only BJP between the BJP and the YCP. So, innocent people shouldn't trust the fake stories on Megastar. 

For time being, Chiranjeevi is busy doing a series of films and is in no mood to do politics now.