2 TDP Media Behind Jagan Enormous Growth

Tue 28th Jan 2020 11:26 PM

Two TDP Media Behind YS Jagan's Enormous Growth

2 TDP Media Reason for YS Jagan's Growth
2 TDP Media Reason for YS Jagan's Growth

Apparently, two pro media houses turned bless in disguise for AP CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is a known fact that YSRCP registered a historical victory in the general elections, 2019 winning 151 MLA seats. Yellow newspapers 'Een***: and CBN Chandrajyothi are said to have responsible for the mind boggling triumph of the YSRCP. Also, aforesaid media is held responsible for Jagan taking sensible decisions which appeared to have enabled transparency in the governance. But how? Checkout the following analysis of the keen observers of AP's politics.   

* "Een***" introduced caste biased journalism a few decades ago and which was adopted by most other media. Most of these media houses support TDP on caste bias.

* Since there was no social media, people would innocently believe yellow media's scrap articles. However, gradually, people would start reading between the lines. They have made out yellow media's selfish policies. Eventually, they started hating yellow media.

* Especially, Telangana people were disgusted with particular caste's dominance. They initiated separate state protests and finally, got the state of their own. It was the first humiliating defeat of yellow media.

* Shamelessly, aforementioned yellow media provoked employees to indulge in fake Samaikyandhra strike which resulted in the loss of Rs.20000 crores.

* As days passed by, people developed utmost hatred on above media. Much to yellow media's shocker, the TDP faced ignominious defeat in Telangana general election in 2018.

* People's hatred on yellow media reached to peaks during general elections, 2019. Ergo, it was YSRCP's thunderous victory!

* Currently, 'Een***' and 'Chandrajyothy' are busy slinging mud on YSRCP and its people friendly decisions. Instead of trusting yellow media's bad propaganda on YS Jagan, people welcomed every innovative decision of Jagan.

* It's believed that if yellow media shut its mouth for time being, one day or the other, the ruling party would start indulging in administrative blunders and which might pave the way for yellow media's favourite party win the election battle.