BJP's Unexpected Shocker to Pawan

Sun 26th Jan 2020 06:34 AM

BJP's Shock to Janasena

BJP's Shock to Janasena
BJP's Shock to Janasena

Not many days ago, Janasena and Bjp officially announced their alliance. Given the words of horse' mouths, it's espied that both the parties would collectively fight against the wrong decisions of ruling YSRCP of AP. 

Furthermore, Janasena president Power Star Pawan Kalyan proclaimed that a huge rally would be conducted on February 2 from Tadepalli to Vijayawada. In what could be said a huge shocker is that the Bjp's state vice president Turaga Nagabhushanam issued a statement that the proposed 'Long March' was pushed indefinitely and the altered date would be announced soon. 


On the other hand, it's being rumoured that the Bjp is supporting the YSRCP's 3 capital plan and is opposing TDP's land mafia at Amaravati. That's why, the Bjp exhibits reluctance to make protests at Amaravati. Janasena, on the other hand, kept mum with the Bjp's unilateral decision of deferring the rally from February 2.

Whatsoever, it remains to be seen how well Janasena and the Bjp get collaborated for various agitations.