TDP, YM Real Fight! JSP, BJP Fake Fight!!

Tue 21st Jan 2020 10:52 PM

TDP, Yellow Media Real Fight! JSP, BJP Fake Fight!!

TDP and YM Real Fight, Janasena and BJP Fake Fight!!
TDP and YM Real Fight, Janasena and BJP Fake Fight!!

The AP government's decision of developing three capitals in the state is creating tremors among all the political parties of AP. Except YSRCP, all other parties are opposing three capitals idea. However, it's said that only Tdp is genuinely agitating against the capital shift while rest of the parties are indulging in fake fight. 

It's alleged by YSRCP and many political analysts that Tdp chose Amaravati on caste biased issues. Provided that, capital shift has made Tdp's heart bleeding. Likewise, caste biased yellow media is also worrying to the core. Both Tdp and yellow media are sincerely fighting against the government's proposed three capitals. 


Janasena, on the other hand, wants to be in good books of Amaravati landlords so that it would get some mileage for next general elections. As such, the party's chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan is agitating against capital shift without being so honest. 

On the other hand, BJP makes Janasena an official friend. However, it's believed that the party maintains secret friendship with the YSRCP. As a result, many leaders of BJP are asserting that the union government can't involve in state's affairs. 

CPI and CPM are considered to be 'Aaatalo Aratipallu'. That's why, their protests are not taken into account by other political parties and the people.

There is a forum named 'Andhra Stupids Forum'. Some key personalities of the state like 'Chal***** Sri*****. indulge in protests every now and then without any goal set by them. 

All in all, Amaravati fight is confined to Tdp, yellow media and some rich people from 10 villages around Amaravati.