Nagababu Respected with Huge Package

Sun 15th Dec 2019 02:09 PM

Nagababu Gets Huge Pay Package

Nagababu Gets a Huge Package from ZEE Network
Nagababu Gets a Huge Package from ZEE Network

Not very long ago, Mega Brother Nagababu moved out of the most popular TV show 'Jabardasth'. Though, many reasons were cited by Mega Brother for being stepped out of the high TRP rated TV show, the instant reason, surely, was his unrest on the salary drawn by him. 

Finally, Nagababu is immensely respected with a juicy offer of ZEE network. According to inside reports. Nagababu will get following benefits for the reality show which is taken part by him.

* Nagababu will get a salary of Rs.30 lakh per month. Previously, he would draw Rs.20 lakh paid by ETV network when he walked out of Jabardasth show.

* The contract will be renewed for every two years with a new pay package.

* Nagababu will be given a VIP treatment on and off sets.

* He will be provided with an exclusive lucrative caravan.

However, Nagababu will have to attend as guest for other shows when he is invited by the ZEE network. He won't be paid additional charges for it.