Punishment Not Same for All by Police?

Wed 11th Dec 2019 07:16 AM

Wanted Punishment to That Human Beast!

They Want Justice from Police?
They Want Justice from Police?

Having encountered four human beasts who assaulted and murdered a woman doctor, police entered history books for their ultimate verdict. They are being lauded by people from every nook and corner. They preferred a jungle law to end the lives of four beasts which is absolutely right. 

However, reportedly there is yet another human beast who consumed alcohol over the limits, drove his Volkswagen in arrogance and became responsible for the death of a woman recently. This rich person's name is said to be started with Kalvak***** and he is in close relation with some high profile personalities. 


Reportedly, aforesaid rich person with high profile background hasn't been arrested even after two weeks of the brutal accident. It's learnt that Justice seekers wished the human beast to be arrested by the police. "Justice should be equal for the rich and the poor," they urged.