CBN Media Reveals Janasena, TDP, BJP Bond

Tue 10th Dec 2019 07:03 PM

CBN Media Discloses Janasena, TDP and BJP Bond

CBN Media on Janasena, TDP and BJP Bond
CBN Media on Janasena, TDP and BJP Bond

'Cbn Chandrajyothi'; The name itself makes lakhs of TDP fans jump with joy and the name itself makes beautiful raga played through veena in their hearts. The kind of bias being exhibited by this channel cum newspaper on TDP is highly inspirational to all the yellow media of Telugu states. 

As we all know, TDP, BJP and Janasena collaborated during 2014's general elections. Eventually, TDP assumed power with the help of its allied forces. Sadly, the deadly combo broke during general elections, 2019. As a result, TDP faced a humiliating defeat in the elections. 


In the meanwhile, Cbn  Chandrajyothi has divulged a sensational news on Tuesday. According to the media's report, the ruling YSRCP wanted to make five MLAs of TDP defected on the first day of assembly sessions. 

The TDP MLAs too expressed their willingness to join YCP so as to ensure their businesses are developed under YCP's regime. But then, Power Star Pawan Kalyan has stopped those MLAs joining YCP. Pawan Kalyan recently proclaimed the possible alliance of Janasena and BJP. Both Janasena and BJP want to repeat 2014's magic in next elections. Pawan Kalyan's words worked well on the MLAs. They thought the combo would defeat YCP in near future. And that's why, they have decided not to defect TDP.

Incidentally, BJP, TDP and Janasena are jointly agitating against English Medium schools in AP.