Will Balakrishna Ever Leave Simha?

Tue 10th Dec 2019 12:12 PM

Balakrishna’s Fascination For Simha

Balakrishna’s Fascination For Simha
Balakrishna’s Fascination For Simha

Natasimha Balakrishna is known for his powerful mass action entertainers. He started naming his films on 'Simha' sentiment ever since he scored a blockbuster in the form of Samara'Simha'Reddy.  He came with films like Nara'Simha'Naidu, Lakshminara'Simha', Simha, Lion, Jai 'Simha' etc.

It is not clear whether Balakrishna is feeling that he is a "Simham' in Tollywood but his fascination for 'Simha' cannot be gauged. Apart from the film titles, all his films are loaded with powerful dialogues comparing Balakrishna as Simha.  


One need not mention about Simham roars when Balakrishna enters. Even his upcoming film Ruler too followed the same trend. Title presented Simham picture and the title was released with its roar.

His films always have dialogues like 'padukunna simham, lechina simham, debbatinna simham'. Ruler is no exception. The film already has a dialogue ' Parcel cheyadaniki idi debba tinna simhamraa.. anta suluvugaa chavadu.. ventadi vetadi champuddi'. Already the film's trailer looked routine and failed to generate interest among movie lovers.

Now the lion roars and sounds decreased the interest even further. Netizens are making fun saying Balakrishna instead of coming with different titles for his films, can name his films as Simham 1, Simham 2 etc.