Had Pawan Done the Same in TDP Regime...

Tue 10th Dec 2019 07:19 AM

Pawan Could Have Done It in TDP Regime

Pawan Kalyan Could Have Done It in TDP's Regime
Pawan Kalyan Could Have Done It in TDP's Regime

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has turned out to be a perfect opposition leader of AP politics at the moment. Neither Chandrababu Naidu nor other parties leaders stands no way nearer to him in tearing apart the administrative blunders of YSRCP government. 

Pawan Kalyan has fought against the government's sand policy, Amaravati issue, English medium, onions and liquor policy of the government. In short, Janasena chief is not leaving even a minute blunder committed by the ruling party. All this happened just in a span of six months after YCP assumed power. 


In a complete contrast, Pawan Kalyan maintained stoic silence during the first three years of TDP's regime between 2014 and 2017. He kept quiet in such a way, as if he was a dumb, deaf and blind then. Even after that period, he indulged in soft criticism on TDP.

CBN wasted thousands of crores owing to his publicity mania. His caste bias forced him choosing three crop yielding land as capital Amaravati. 

Had Pawan Kalyan questioned TDP in a harsh manner, the fate of Janasena in general elections, would have been different. 

Even today, some analysts are expressing doubts if Pawan Kalyan's take on YCP would favour TDP. To checkmate such suspicions, Pawan Kalyan needs to go for intense criticism on TDP as well.