1 Crore Liquor Consumers to Vote Against YCP in Local Polls?

Mon 09th Dec 2019 07:53 PM

One Crore Liquor Consumers to Vote Against YCP in Local Polls?

Liquor Consumers to Vote against YSRCP?
Liquor Consumers to Vote against YSRCP?

The ruling YSRCP in the AP state seems to have been under severe threat from a large section of people. Here is the story. 

The new Liquor policy of YSRCP is quite rebellious and morale boosting. The government abolished belt shops in villages. Liquor shops were decreased drastically while the timings are reduced for sales in shops. The timings in bars were also chopped down drastically. On the other hand, Liquor prices were hiked abnormally. 

All these changes as part of Liquor policy throw Liquor consumers into a state of sheer frustration. Based on the intake of Liquor, Liquor consumers are divided into many groups. The people who consume alcohol everyday are called drunkards. Some people consume alcohol in weekends while some more people consume once or twice per month. Some more people consume alcohol only in certain occasions. 

According to a study, around one crore people consume alcohol in AP who belong to various groups mentioned above. They are immensely criticizing the CM while the drunkards are even using filthy language against the government. 

As we know, local body polls in AP are fast approaching. Opposition parties' leaders are hoping that all those one crore Liquor consumers would cast their votes against YSRCP. Is it a serious analysis or a silly hope by the opposition parties? Let's wait and watch.