When Producers Insulted Super Star

Mon 09th Dec 2019 04:16 PM

Producers Insulted Rajinikanth

Producers Insulted Rajinikanth
Producers Insulted Rajinikanth

Super Star Rajinikanth is set to show his power as a police officer in his upcoming entertainer Darbar which is releasing on Jan 10 during sankranti next year. The film directed by AR Murugadoss features Nayanthara in female lead role.

Meanwhile, Rajinikanth revealed a shocking incident saying he too faced many insults in the early days of his career.


Rajini recollecting the incident said, “When I was four to five films old, I received a call from a producer who said, 'we have a role for you in our film. You should do it'. I said OK and after the telephonic conversation, the producer agreed to pay Rs 6000 as remuneration and 1000 of it as advance.

The producer told me that he would send a car in the morning and then pay the advance too. The car which was supposed to come at 8.30 AM, came at 9 AM. Production Manager didn’t give me the advance as promised by the producer. I asked the same with the production manager and he told that he would give the advance by the time I get makeup. I went to AVM Studio where I was asked to apply makeup.

When I asked 'You told me to give the advance? Give me my advance". When they told that they will give me later, I refused. At that time a posh car came and the producer got down from the car. He came to me and said 'Do you think you are a great actor? It seems you told that you will not do the film if the advance is not paid. I have seen many people like you. You have no role in my film. Get out of this place immediately.’

When I told him 'What is this. I came here only on your call. Now you are changing your words. Alright. I will go. Drop me near my house.’ He told 'There is no car. You can leave as you wish but I am not bothered.’

I walked out angrily and from AVM Studios walked thinking that I should become a top hero and come to the same studio in a big car. I got name and fame within two years and then bought Italian Model car with Rs 4.5 lakhs and got down from the car in AVM Studios at the same place where the producer stopped his car and came out of my car and lit two cigarettes in a stylish manner. Then I got the blessings of my mentor K Balachander".

Rajini revealed everything but stopped short of naming the producer who insulted him.