Is It Pawan's Unnecessary Frustration?

Mon 09th Dec 2019 08:57 AM

Pawan Kalyan's Unfair Anger on Fans

Pawan Kalyan's Unfair Anger on Fans
Pawan Kalyan's Unfair Anger on Fans

Apparently, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan is suffering from unnecessary frustration and is blaming Janasena activists unnecessarily. 

The Janasena chief is currently touring in East Godavari district. Addressing to party's workers at Mandapeta, he said it's due to fans indiscipline, Janasena faced a defeat in general elections. This is absurd! And it's merely an unfair disparagement on fans. 


The instant reason for Janasena's defeat is that people firmly believed that Janasena had become a wing of TDP. Although Janasena chief criticized both YCP and TDP during his public meets, his criticism would come from his heart on YCP and it would come from his mouth while criticizing TDP. The biggest of all blunders is that not roping in Janasena contestant on Nara Lokesh in Mangalagiri. 

Sadly, Kapus didn't unite for Pawan Kalyan's victory which was not in Pawan Kalyan's hands. Furthermore, Janasena chief didn't let MLA and MP candidates distributing money and liquor to the voters. These principles do not work in contemporary spoiled society. 

It's quite natural fans make whistles, warbles and noise Pawan Kalyan's public meets. But then, this kind of noise alone doesn't make Janasena losing general elections. 

Even yesterday, Pawan Kalyan expressed his sadness YS Jagan commenting former CM CBN would be hanged in public. Why this unnecessary affection on CBN? Unless Pawan Kalyan comes out from the affectionate bond with TDP, Janasena would never win any poll battle.