Ruler Trailer Review

Sun 08th Dec 2019 12:47 PM

Ruler Trailer Report

Ruler Trailer Released
Ruler Trailer Released

Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna's Ruler theatrical trailer was out on Sunday. This trailer is loaded with full of Balayya style of commercial elements. 

The intro scene starts off with Balakrishna's heroism with the dialogue, "Fire engine lakaa?,"  "Kaadu aa fire ke phone chesthunna." And then Balakrishna gets down from a chopper. 


Jayasudha's dialogue, "Praanalu theese athani gatham kante naa samsthalni munduku nadipinche athani bhavishyathu naaku mukhyam," creates great curiosity on the powerful backdrop of Balakrishna. 

A couple of action sequences were shot on Balakrishna and goons. Balakrishna, as usually, mouths ferocious dialogues such as, "Ee dhaanyam thintunaa meere intha pogaru choopisthunte....deenni pandinchina raithuki inkentha poweroo,  pogaroo vuntundo choopinchamantaavaa?," and "Parcel cheyyadaniki idi debbathinna simham raa! Antha thondaragaa chaavadu. Ventaadi,vetaadi champuddi."

Sonal Chohan and Vedhika sizzled in glam girls roles while Bhoomika played a crucial role. 

On a whole, the story appears to have been an age old concept of revenge drama. There's no newness in Balakrishna's action sequences and loud dialogues. Music by Chirantan Bhat is also not up to the mark.   

Ruler was directed by KS Ravi Kumar under CK Entertainments.

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