Flop Record: Hero Losing Projects

Thu 05th Dec 2019 12:50 PM

Nikhil replaces Raj Tharun

Nikhil replaces Raj Tharun
Nikhil replaces Raj Tharun

It is quite common in the industry that one story goes from one hero to another hero. While some heroes reject the stories when they do not get connected to the storyline, others score hits with the same story. A similar thing happened recently.

It is known that young hero Nikhil came back to form scoring a hit with Arjun Suravaram, a remake of Tamil film Kanithan. Now he is starring under Geetha Arts.


Director Sukumar provided the story and screenplay for the film while Surya Pratap will be directing it. Now rumors are spreading that the makers first planned the story for Raj Tharun.

People cannot forget the sensation Kumari 21 F which came under Raj Tharun and Surya Pratap combo created some time back. During that time Surya Pratap revealed that he planned another film with Raj Tharun. But suddenly Surya Pratap announced a film with Nikhil.

The question is whether Surya Pratap is directing Nikhil with the story meant for Raj Tharun or is it another story or he shelved Raj Tharun's project.

On the other hand, Raj Tharun is losing projects because of his flop record in recent times.