Pawan Won't Commit Chiranjeevi's Blunder

Thu 05th Dec 2019 07:51 AM

Pawan Won't Repeat Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan Won't Commit Chiranjeevi's Blunder
Pawan Kalyan Won't Commit Chiranjeevi's Blunder
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It was February 6, 2011. As part of regular practice, dawn came slowly followed by the brilliant blue sky of morning. However, it was not a regular day for mega fans. It was a never forgettable bitter day for them. Yes, Megastar Chiranjeevi announced his Prajarajyam Party's merger into the Congress party. 

Straightaway Megastar made this announcement, the hearts of millions of mega fans started bleeding. They couldn't digest the death of PRP. "Merger could have been justified had Chiranjeevi demanded CM post and occupied the throne," felt some PRP activists. While some more PRP workers reckoned, 'Alliance could have been much better than the merger". 

Whatsoever, an unexpected thing happened leaving crores of fans into the state of dismay. 

It's December 4, 2019. Janasena chief Power Star Pawan proclaimed he had never parted his ways with the BJP. This statement triggered many discussions. The discussion primarily concentrates whether Janasena would be merged into the BJP or an alliance would be continued as in the case of 2014. 

Meanwhile, a BJP's comedy leader GVL demanded Pawan Kalyan to make sure his party merged into the BJP. 

"Albeit, Pawan Kalyan is not Chiranjeevi. He wouldn't repeat Megastar's blunder in 2011. As he said earlier, Janasena would do politics for 25 years and there shouldn't be any doubts to party's loyalists," says a highly placed source. 

"De facto, Pawan Kalyan wants to grab the power by next elections, using BJP's services," clarified the source.

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