Pawan Golden Chance with BJP

Tue 03rd Dec 2019 09:53 PM

Janasena and BJP to Become a Deadly Combo

Pawan Kalyan Gets Golden Chance with BJP
Pawan Kalyan Gets Golden Chance with BJP

AP politics have been heated up. Interestingly, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan turned out the root cause of the current scenario. For the past couple of days, the Janasena chief has cornered ruling YSRCP and called on the carpet on various administrative decisions such as English medium schools, sand policy, caste and religion issues. 

Letting YCP's top brass in bewilderment, Pawan Kalyan disclosed on Tuesday that politicians like Amit Shah are needed to the country for contemporary politics. Incidentally, Janasena chief paid a secret visit to New Delhi recently and is buzzed to have met BJP's top leader Amit Shah. Thereupon, Pawan Kalyan intensified his attack on AP's ruling party. And now, political analysts are predicting possible alliance between Janasena and BJP in near future. According to analysts, following are the advantages for Janasena with BJP's tie up. 


* Janasena's cadre strength would be increased automatically.

* Janasena will get financial assistance from BJP.

* BJP may trouble YS Jagan collaborating Pawan Kalyan.

* Janasena and BJP's combo will not let TDP to bounce back. As such, the combo becomes deadly for next general elections and has all the probabilities to win the poll battle jointly.