Jagan to Lose Power Due to Caste & Liquor?

Tue 03rd Dec 2019 07:26 PM

Jagan Under Threat Due to Caste and Liquor Policy?

YS Jagan under Threat for Two Factors?
YS Jagan under Threat for Two Factors?

AP CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy is under a huge threat, as it seems. "Especially, YS Jagan may lose his power due to caste and liquor policy factors," say analysts. 

"Having used his fundamental right, 'Freedom of Religion', YS Jagan and his family have been practicing Christianity for quite some time. As per the principal rule of Christianity, caste tag should be shed by an individual. Strangely, YS Jagan hasn't shed his 'Reddy' tag. Besides, he made well use of this factor and clinched a huge victory in general elections. But then, this strategy mayn't work in his favour for next general elections," added analysts.      


Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan pointed out this big blunder of the AP CM and is calling him as 'Jagan Reddy'. Furthermore, he advised YS Jagan to shed his Reddy tag to become a perfect Christian. 

On the other hand, YS Jagan's liquor policy troubled lakhs of people who consume alcohol. Long back, late NTR imposed a ban on liquor in 1994. The consumers of liquor became grief-stricken then. Eventually, adulterated liquor flowed down like an ocean across united AP then. Afterwards, NTR's successor Chandrababu Naidu lifted the ban on liquor. As a result, alcoholics didn't go furious over CBN on his backstabbing act on his father-in-law. Further, it was said CBN's liquor policy was one of the key elements for CBN's victory in 1999's general elections. 

All in all, YS Jagan may face a defeat in next general elections due to his caste factor and liquor policy.