Pawan, Tinna Inti Vaasale Lekkapedite!

Tue 03rd Dec 2019 12:16 PM

Pawan Kalyan Insults Tollywood Stars

Pawan Kalyan Insults Tollywood Stars
Pawan Kalyan Insults Tollywood Stars

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena, is known for his humble nature and generous attitude. His hidden helping hand is much spoken about by one and all. It is known that Pawan is currently going all out to strengthen his party Janasena in Andhra Pradesh, highlighting the mistakes of AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and the ruling YSRCP government.

Pawan Kalyan is fighting against the implementation of English medium in all government schools in Andhra Pradesh. But while attacking CM Jagan's decision, he shocked all by making insulting comments against Tollywood stars forgetting that he himself once used to be a star actor.


Pawan elaborating on the drawbacks of English medium schools said, “I discontinued my studies with Inter only due to English Medium. Education should impart knowledge and not fear. If one forgets the mother tongue, a lot of atrocities happen. Sumati Satakam will guide people on the right path. Film's language and lyrics are getting degraded day by day. Frankly speaking in our industry including Mahesh Babu, few heroes do not know how to read and write Telugu. But they are nicely doing their jobs without bothering about it. Telugu is disappearing in the industry. Not only the filmmakers and directors, but even stars also have the responsibility to give a lifeline to Telugu."

However, Pawan's comments did not go down well in the industry. Not only movie lovers and other heroes fans but also his own fans are attacking Pawan for insulting the stars and industry altogether. They are angrily questioning “Tinna Inti Vaasale Lekkapedite"