Pawan: Why I Call Him Jagan Reddy?

Mon 02nd Dec 2019 08:16 AM

Pawan Kalyan Reveals Why He Calls CM As Jagan Reddy

Pawan Kalyan's Railway Kodur Tour
Pawan Kalyan's Railway Kodur Tour

"If he behaves and speaks like a chief minister, I'll call him a CM. If not I will keep calling him as Jagan Reddy," says Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The Janasena chief toured Railway Koduru of Kadapa on Sunday. He castigated YCP's leaders administrative blunders. Following are excerpts of his speech.

* There is a greenery in the land where the leaders reside. However, the land gets dried up where common men lives in.

* Actually, there is no drought in Rayalaseema but it was just created.

* It's a fertile land. That's why, this land is called as southern California.

* Cowardice spreads in this area. Janasena is there to inculcate bravery and courage among youth.

* This is the place where maximum number of libraries are existed. If at all you acquire wisdom, Janasena will fight for you.

* In spite of my failure in elections, I received a warm welcome with huge turnouts. This indicates people who fight for a cause don't have victory and defeat.

* Jagan Reddy lost the right to demand special category status to the union government.

* Leaders cut down the trees. The tears shed by the trees will make them destroyed.