KCR's List of Sops for TSRTC Employees

Sun 01st Dec 2019 08:36 PM

KCR Announces Sops to RTC Employees

KCR's Sops to RTC Employees
KCR's Sops to RTC Employees

Telangana CM Kcr has now turned a God for TSRTC employees. Kcr held a meeting with RTC employees on Sunday and announced a shower of sops for them. Following is the list of sops pledged by Kcr to RTC employees.

* Retirement age will be increased from 58 to 60 years.


* Rs.1000 crores will be allocated per every annum from next year.

* No single private bus will be allowed to run in RTC bus routes.

* September month's salaries will be paid on Monday while strike period's salaries will also be paid at one go.

* If at all, employees strive hard and ensure profits to RTC, they will get annual bonus like Singareni employees.