Hang Them in Public: Chiranjeevi

Sun 01st Dec 2019 08:52 AM

Chiranjeevi Reacts on Ghastly Incident

Chiranjeevi on Brutal Incident
Chiranjeevi on Brutal Incident

It has been a heartbroken and wretchedness moment a veterinary doctor was brutally assaulted and was set ablaze by the human beasts. People came onto the roads protesting the death sentence immediately to the criminals. 

On the other hand, celebs took their social media tools to express their anguish with the incident. Meanwhile, Megastar Chiranjeevi has responded on the ghastly incident. 


"Having been heard the assaults and murders of women for the past two or three days, my heart is bleeding with pain. It's felt there's no security to the women in this country and we are living among male beasts. The criminals who indulged in these crimes should be punished severely and they should be hanged in public so that everyone gets feared of committing such crimes. I appeal all the women should save the number 100 and should download the app 'hack eye'. It's everyone's responsibility to respect and to protect women," Chiranjeevi said.