No Change In Pawan Even After Crushing Defeat

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 03:01 PM

Pawan Kalyan The same after defeat

Pawan Kalyan The same after defeat
Pawan Kalyan The same after defeat

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who has the highest market in Tollywood, entered the political battle field as chief of Jana Sena and tested his luck. However, instead of creating a sensation, Pawan suffered a shock defeat from two constituencies Bheemavaram and Gajuwaka.

Whatever may be the reason, there is no denying that Pawan Kalyan made many blunders.


Just like how he used to give access only to known people in the film industry, he followed the same in politics which led to his downfall. Apart from it, he lacked clarity on what issues he should fight the elections. He picked up issues which people didn't bother and went on harping on it. To take on opponents and suffocate them, one should know the pulse of the people. One should find the burning issues from the people and fight on it. Pawan miserably failed on this front.

Now many feel Pawan Kalyan didn't learn from his mistakes even after facing two crushing defeats. When many expected Pawan to interact and make himself accessible and available to all, people are unable to meet him as he is giving importance to his close circle. To the top of it while AP CM Jagan and his government is irritating people by making many blunders, Pawan instead of fighting on these issues, is talking about the non issue, implementation of English medium in government schools.

Had Pawan known the pulse of the people, he wouldn't have dragged on this issue at all. Who will refuse if Government promises better education and English medium for the benefit of their children in government schools. Pawan missed this simple logic and is keeping on repeating murdering of Telugu language. While Jagan is attracting the ire of the people with his decisions, Pawan is having his own way completely disconnected with the people and the ground reality.